Camille Javal Hayton stands in front of graffiti wall in Paris, her hair in braids she wears knee high black velvet boots, a vintage suede skirt, navy sailor jacket and black French hat.

Camille Javal (FKA Hayton :) is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer originally from Melbourne, Australia. She has a passion for colourful palettes, happy design, community and creating inspiring interiors. Camille is interested in extending her work beyond the page - creating immersive spaces that act like a playhouse for the public. She loves exploring how colour and mural making can transform a space by engaging the soul, thereby stimulating productivity, imagination and positive emotional wellbeing. Through slowly finding her own (creative) voice, Camille is excited to help other women also find theirs.

Camille is curious, creatively and intellectually restless and nurtures a lifelong connection to colour. She was a finalist in both the 2017 & 2016 Dulux Colour Awards, holds a Bachelor of Creative Arts from the University of Melbourne and graduated from Shillington College with a Cert IV in Design.

In a previous life she was known as 'that girl' from


Finalist Dulux Colour Awards 2017 - Single Residential Interior
Finalist Dulux Colour Awards 2016 - Installation and Events (+ Commendation)