“Camille Javal (FKA Hayton :) is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and Camilleon originally from Australia, currently based in NYC. She is most known for creating abstract paintings you can step into and fine art murals in residential and public spaces.”


CJ approaches every creative project and collaboration with the eye and sensitivity of a fine artist. Her artwork has been described as an intersection between Art ☆ Fashion ☆ Installation ☆ Interiors, which = her design sweet spot.

“My passion for storytelling and connection has been channeled through many different mediums over the years. At the core I’m interested in creating visual content and theatrical worlds that genuinely move people, utilizing technology while maintaining connection with the creator. More recently I’m seeking to shift the atmosphere of urban interior spaces through an intuitive application of color / mark making and navigating creative flow.”

Initially working with the medium of digital collage and paper, Camille’s artwork evolved onto walls and wall sized canvases as she became more curious about the idea of space - how we use it, how it makes us feel. The artist transforms the places she paints by creating immersive artworks that are entered rather than simply observed. Alongside her passion for place, she explores functionally how color, light and mark making can stimulate well-being, productivity, imagination and community engagement.

Through slowly finding her own (creative) voice, Camille is excited to help other women also find theirs. After personally experiencing healing through her artistic practice, she champions healing through the arts and addressing community and social needs with creative means.

In a previous life she was known as 'that girl' from nygirlofmydreams.com.


Camille Javal Hayton stands in front of graffiti wall in Paris, her hair in braids she wears knee high black velvet boots, a vintage suede skirt, navy sailor jacket and black French hat.