Desert Dreaming - Day

Desert Dreaming - Night

The Island


Imaginal Cells

Midnight Underground

Entering The Promised Wonderland

The End of The World

The Making of a Palace

What it is to Love


The Fragrance

The Heart Has a Language of Its Own

King of Hearts

Head In The Clouds

Flight of The Crowned

Desert Dreaming - Night/Day

The Underworld


Created as a visual response to singer/songwriter Ben Abraham's song 'Speak' for SIRENS (I HEARD VOICES IN THE NIGHT), an interactive art/music exhibition at Gertrude Glasshouse, Melbourne.


Framed 102cm (W) x 122cm (H)

Desert Diamonds

Happy Tummy

The First Day

Under The Sun

The Two of Us

Always Magic

Desert Stirring #1

Princess Adaeze & The Kite of Love


Lords of The Wild

Changeless Light

Lit From Within

Silver Lining

Waves in The Desert

The Flooding

A World Beyond The Desert

"I'll be in my studio..."

The Dreamers Worldview #1


The Promise

Until Morning Light

New Pages

Night Sky Jewellery

Dance Magic, Dance #1

The Dreamers Worldview #2

Living in Your Head

Dance Magic, Dance #2

Desert Stirring #2

Learning to Dance in The Rain